Social Media Marketing

Last Straw Media helps you develop a strategy that works with your marketing plan to connect with customers and targeted markets using the power of social media. We know every client has different needs, so we help you determine which platforms are most effective to increase your online presence and communicate your message effectively. With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare, LinkedIn and hundreds of other social networking sites, it can be confusing and time-consuming. We set up your social media sites, update consistently with high-quality and engaging content, follow trends and let you know who is talking about your brand and what they’re saying.

Our experienced professionals legitimately build your fan base without buying fans and followers or using automated services. The key in social media is being social, so your accounts need to be authentic and engaging– constantly building and maintaining relationships for your business. Never underestimate people’s ability to understand the difference between authentic and fake, even online. When it comes to building a fan base, it’s more important to focus on quality than quantity. It’s better to have loyal fans who have conversations with you than tons of people ignoring your messages.

Public Relations

Public relations is about more than writing press releases. Effective PR requires strategic, consistent relationship building with key members of your community. The PR team at Last Straw Media includes experts who can “plug you in” with the right connections–and nurture those connections to help you grow your business.

Many small business owners see public relations as an “extra” they can’t afford. But really, you can’t afford not to engage in public relations. Last Straw Media’s PR team helps you grow your business and protects your brand in cases of crisis.

Social Media Startup Training

One social media plan does not fit all. Last Straw Media works with your company to understand your goals. Our team helps you implement a strategy that fits in with your overall marketing plan and increases your online presence. We understand many businesses are already busy with day-to-day operations, so our consultations offer practical and easy to implement techniques.

Millions of people actively use social media networks on a daily basis, but our team understands everyone has different proficiency levels. We offer on-site customized one-on-one or group training to ensure everyone is familiar with using the specific social media platforms. Our team works to help you implement best practices to effectively market your brand online.

Blogging and Content Marketing

Content marketing is the practice of using content to positively position your business online. Done well, content marketing will help you generate and nurture qualified leads; improve your SEO; and establish your company as an authentic, trustworthy source.

At Last Straw Media, we specialize in developing content marketing strategies that propel your business to new visibility and authority. We’ll help you figure out the right blend of content for your company.

Email Marketing

Why wait for your prospects to come to you? Reach out to them directly with an email marketing campaign. Email marketing has proven an effective and affordable online marketing strategy for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The key: tailoring your style, message and strategy for your audience.